Reading Made Easy

One morning in June and the meadows in bloom
And the birds sung in chorus most pleasing,
I met a fair jewel and she going to school
With her turf and her Reading Made Easy.

"Young man," she did cry, "I am greatly annoyed,
For my task I can badly repeat it,
I'll give you my blessing if you teach me a lesson,
To read in my Reading Made Easy.

Said I, "My fair maid, be not now afraid,
For your mistress I'm sure will not blame you,
If you show me the rule you have go to peruse
I will teach you to reand and explain it."

She loudly exclaimed "What reward do you claim
For I'm willing and able to pay it,
If you come with me home, I'll make you my own
Till we finish the Reading Made Easy."

She exceeds Proserpine inthe regions confined,
Or Calypso whom Ulysses cheated,
Or the maid that caused Troy to be set all on fire,
Or the maid that foretold all the danger.

Now I mean to give o'er, and go roving no more,
Since I've met with this charming young creature,
I met her alone on the road to Listowel,
And to teach her I did my endeavours.

She is modest and mild, she is virtuous and kind,
She is sober, sublime and endearing,
And well I may bless the day that I met her
With her turf and her Reading Made Easy.