The Ribbon Boy

Being on St. Patrick's evening, the weather clam and warm
I roved for recreation along the River Boyne,
Where I beheld a multitude of Ribbon Boys so gay,
Their colours bright did me delight, their music they did play.

I stood in meditation, wiht wonder and surprise,
The beautiful colours that they wore cam dazzling to my eyes,
Crying "Oh, alas, if I were a man, 'tis with you that I would join
For to consume that conscious king called William that crossed the Boyne.

There was a Tree of Liberty that grew so fresh and green
But now 'tis covered over and scarcely can be seen
And on that tree of Liberty fresh laurel flowers did grow
And none dare wear that colour but the Ribbon Boys, you know.

My true love was a Ribbon Boy that I won't deny,
He never was United, and that I'll certify,
But when the times of trouble came he fought with courage bold,
And I dearly loved my Ribbon Boy, as dear as I love my soul.

Tune: Flower of Sweet Strabane