The River Roe

As I went oujt one evening, all in the month of June,
The primroses and daisies and violets were in bloom;
I espied a lovely fair one, and her I did not know,
I took her for an angel that was bathing in the Roe.

Her teeth they shone like ivory, her skin a lily white,
Her cheeks as red as roses, her eyes like diamonds bright,
Her surname I'll not tell you, in case you might her know,
But her master's habitation lay on the River Roe.

I quickly stepped up to her and this to her did say:
"Are you a lovely goddess, or what brought you this way?"
She answered me right modestly, and said: "I am not so,
I'm nothing but a serving maid who was bathing in the Roe.

I said "My pretty fair maid if with me you'll agree
We'll join our hands in wedlock, and wedded we will be;
My father is a nobleman, the country well does know,
And his dwelling lies convenient unto the River Roe."

She modestly made answer and said she was content
I kissed her and ambraced her, and away both of us went,
We were married shortly after as all the world does
know, She has servants to attend her, and she dwells upon the Roe.