As seven of our Irish boys walked down through George's St.,
One of those damned Yankee dogs they happened for to meet;
He promised them employment in a brickyard near the town,
And then he did enduce them their names for to give down.

He brought them to an alehouse where they got drunk galore,
And such an entertainment as they never got before,
And when he thought he had them drunk, it's this to them said he,
"You're listed now as soldiers to defend you counterie."

They looked at one another, and this to him did say,
"It's not to enlist that we came here all to Amerikay,
But to seek bread and labour as many did before,
That's why we emigrated from the lovely Shamrock Shore."

Twelve Yankees dressed in solder's clothes came in without delay,
They were well armed and well prepared our heroes debt to pay,
Saying, "This is one of our officers who listed you complete,
You need not think for to resist, we will no longer wait."

Their Irish blood began to flow, which made the Yankees frown,
As fast as they could strike a blow they knocked the Yankees down
With bloody head and broken bones they'll mind it evermore
And the sprig of sweet Shillelagh they brought from Erin's shore.

Transcribed July 14, 2000 by T. M. Carlsen
Notes from transcriber: Spelling and punctuation as in original.