My name i s Donal Dhu, I'm an outlaw bold and true,
And I've ranged this country through, from Saxon free,
Till I loved a maiden fair, she had dark and curling hair,
And she left me in despair, she's a dear maid to me.

Our sires were princes grand within old Ireland,
And with many a knightly band they kept their castles free,
Till the Saxon with us strove, and an outlaw now I rove,
Lamenting for my false love - she's a dear maid to me.

Her brow like winter snows, oh, her cheeks were like the rose,
That near Blackwater blows when Summer seeks the tree,
Her dark eyes glittered bright, full, full of love's delight,
Oh, they haunt me day and night, she's a dear maid to me.

With gems of costly sheen I decked my mountain queen,
Oh, glorious was her mien, her face a rhapsody,
Her step was like the fawn, on Araglen's wild lawn,
Her smile was like the dawn - she's a dear maid to me.

Margaret Kelly was her name, and burning was the flame
That o'er our bosoms came when we first loved trustingly,
But her love grew false and cold, and her outlaw's life she sold,
For worthless Saxon gold - she's a dear maid to me.

Oh, woe betide the hour when revenge o'er me had power
To slay my beautous flower when I knew her perfidy,
I drew my scean unblest and with rage and grief oppressed
I plunged it in her breast - she's a dear maid to me.

Since I escaped the chain and now am free again
Over many a battle plain I will let the Saxon see
What his traitor's wile may prove - though an outlaw still I rove,
Lamenting my false love - she's a dear maid to me.

Transcribed on July 16, 2000 by T. M. Carlsen