Sights and Scenes of Dublin

Now pay attention young and old unto my song a while
And if I can I'll make you laugh, if not I'll make you smile
It's concerning curiosities that's constantly in view
Of those who visit Dublin as the city they pass through.

So if you're really curious, I'd like you'd take a view
Of the sights and scenes in Dublin which will astonish you.

On the moment that I landed the first thing that I spied
Was the shipwreck of a handcart in the mud on the other side,
I had to walk knee deep in it, a job I didn't like,
And was very nearly swallowed through the scavengers being on strike.

Then I walked through the city to a place called College Green,
There I saw a fellow in armour that was like a horse marine!
He was dressed up like a mountback, more like a rogue than a fool,
With his nose to Kinsleys gridiron and his back turned towards the school.

Now you'll see lots of monuments in every place you go
But I'll tell you that the names of most are not worth your while to know,
But there's three that stand among them that was upright just and pure
To the memory of O'Connell, Smith O'Brien and Tommy Moore.

If you want to be persuaded, try the ancient Concert Hall
There's Vousden (?) there will make you believe you're not yourself at all
You'll see a ghost at the Torunda (Rotunda?) made out of an old rag
And Woodin's seven wonders of the world all in a bag.

Now if you go down Mary's St. and Mary's Lane all through
You'll see hook-me-ins with clothing, both second hand and new,
But if they find you're going to buy and that you've got some tin
You'll have to be mighty careful or they'll tear you limb from limb.

There's the Gutter Club on Michael's Hill, that place of high renown,
Where the laws of every nation and its people is laid down,
You will find among its congress, the counterjumper spruce,
The Waxey with his lapstone and the Tailor with his goose.

Now there's other scene's in Dublin that's nearly out of date,
Which I'd describe but it would be too long to make you wait,
But the next time that I see you I will surely have a line
On the tramway, Exhibition and the Christmas Pantomime.