Song of the Galloping O'Hogan

Hurrah, boys, hurrah! for the sword by my side,
The spur and the gallop o'er bogs deep and wide;
Hurrah for the helmet and shining steel jack,
The sight of the spoil and good men at my back!

And we'll sack and burn for king and Ireland,
And chase the black foe from of Ireland.

At the wave of my sword start a hundred good men
And we ride like the blast over moorland and glen;
Like dead leaves of winder, in ruin and wrath,
We sweep the red Saxons away from our path.

The herds of the foe graze at noon by the rills;
We have them at night in our camp on the hills;
His towns lie in peace at the eve of the night,
But they're spoiled and in flames ere the next morning light.

And so we go riding by night and by day,
And fight for our country and all the rich prey;
The roar of the battle sweet music we feel,
And the light of our hearts is the flashing of steel.