Sons of Ireland

Now Irishmen the morning dawns, our duty must be done,
When Ireland calls on us to honour each true martyred son,
Who made a brilliant fight for freedom against the Saxon foe,
When Ireland most did need them both now and long ago.

Let us now build up their monuments and we'll signalize the faith
Let the whole world see we honour the men of '98,
For we've true men here in Kerry and the truth I will pen down
So these monuments grand will make a stand in fair old Tralee town.

There were Emmet and Lord Edward and likewise brave Wolfe Tone,
And the great Emancipator, whose name it is well known,
Long life to the men of Kerry they are doing their part so grand
In erecting of these monuments which most gloriously will stand.

Brian Ború in olden times a might sword he drew,
The invaders of his country he nobly did subdue;
With the green flag flying before which soon now will be seen
Floating on our house of Parliament once more in College Green.

Now to conclude and finish, I think it would be right
That all true hearted Irishmen together should unite
With a ringing cheer for freedom, and soon then will be seen
Some member down from Robertstown to sit in College Green.