Saint Patrick

On the 8th day of March it was, some people say
That Saint Patrick at midnight first saw the day,
While others declare it was on the 9th he was born,
It was all a mistake between midnight and morn.

For mistakes will occur in a hurry and shock,
And some blame the baby and some blame the clock,
Till with all their cross questions no one could know
Was the clock going too fast or the baby too slow?

Now each of these parties so positive grew
That each kept a birthday so Patrick had two,
Till Father McCurry who showed them their sin
Said no one could have two birthdays barring he was a twin.

Says he, boys look here, don't you always divide,
Instead of dividing can't you sometimes combine,
Combine 8 and 9 and seventeen is the mark,
Let that be his birthday - Amen says the clerk.

If he wasn't a twin our history will show
That at least he was worth any two saints that we know.
So they all had a party to complete the success
So they've kept up the practice from that day to this.