The Suit of Green

cf: Limmerman, CO'L, p48

Come all you pretty fair maids, and listen to my melody,
When you hear my lamentation I am sure you'll pity me,
Once I loved a young man. as neat a lad as could be seen
He was torn from my arms for wearing of the green.

It was on a summer's evening as my love and I chanced to roam,
Folded in each others arms as we strayed through the shady grove,
He laid his hands against my breast and most feelingly unto me did say:
My life lies in danger for wearing of the green.

If this be true dear Willy, if this you tell me be true,
I pray you throw by your clothes and I'll buy you a suit of blue.
I am a son of Erin and it is oft in my life was tore
Our national colours and the shamrock that Saint Patrick wore.

It was of a summer's evening as my love and I sat in a roo, (?)
Folded in each others arms, immediately the guards did come,
My love he was then taken and under court martial he was tried,
The colonel he gave the orders, at ten o'clock he should die.

I was sent for by my master, a man I wished to see,
He brought me up to Dublin the rights of law to give to me,
He brought me to a merchant's shop, the neatest clothes that could be seen
Embroidered with gold lace, he bought for me a suit of green.

I went unto his majesty my lamentation to make known,
Craving for his mercy on my bended knees did fall,
He says rise up my blooming girl, your true love I shall set free,
I'll restore him to your arms and give him leave to wear the green.

Its now I'll well my Phoenix bright, a faithful girl she proved to me,
I'll embroider with her gold laced, and her mantle shall be of green.
It's now my trial is over, thanks to God who set me free
Prosperity may attend him who released my love to me.