Sweet Clonalee

When first from my country a stranger I went
The thought of departing made me discontent,
But now to America I'm on the salt sea,
And I'm leaving forever my sweet Clonalee.

I loved a young damsel, her name was MacHugh,
But, alas, she was false though I thought she was true,
For she married a man who did wrong against me,
And that's why I part from my sweet Clonalee.

This man was a farmer, her was wealthy and old,
He got me in trouble by means of his gold,
He blamed me for stealing of sheep forty-three,
And that's why I'm leaving my sweet Clonalee.

Farewell to my parents, I was always their joy,
It grieves them to part from their own darling boy;
Bad luck and ill-fortune be with you James Magee,
For its you that has cause me to leave sweet Clonalee.