Sweet Cootehill Town

Now fare thee well sweet Cootehill town,
The place where I was born and bred;
Through shady groves and flowery hills,
My youthful fancy did serenade.
But now I'm bound for Amerikay
A country that I never saw;
Those pleasant scenes I'll always mind,
When I'm roaming far awa'.

The pleasant hills near Cootehill town
Where I have spent my youthful days,
Both day and night I took delight
In dancing and in harmless plays.
But while I rove from town to town
Fond memory in my mind shall stay,
Of those pleasant happy youthful hours,
That now are spent and passed away.

I hope kind fate will reinstate,
That fortune's face will on me smile,
And safe conduct me home again
To my own dear native Irish isle;'
When my comrades all and friends likewise
Will throng around and thus will say,
"We will sing and play as in days of old,
So you're welcome home from far away!"