Sweet County Wexford

On Monised of a summer's morning,
Our boys they halted a rest to take,
When the ancient Briton's in their uniforms
Upon Slievebeng a great show did make;
The Gorey Cavalry that day did join them
They were on bloody murder bent,
But soon our boys they did engage them -
They little thought their glass was spent.

'Twas early,early on the next morning
To Ballaram we took our way,
To meet with Gowan and his cursed Yeomen -
To them it was a woeful day!
Cowardly Gowan, when he saw us coming
Turned around and away did run,
Like a hunted fox he crossed the rocks
When he saw the flash of a Croppy's gun.

We then shot Chamny and Captain Dixon,
And General Walpole got no chanced to run,
And Smyth the slater, the bloody traitor,
He fell that day by a croppy's gun!
When this engagement was all over
And our brave boys had no more to do
We crossed Brideswell and going down to Camolin
And encamped the night at Carrigrua.

Had we the wisdom to follow after
And not have tarried in Gorey town
We'd have saved the lives of many a hero
That died in Arklow - God rest their souls.
Success attend the sweet County Wexford
They are the boys who were never afraid
Of ancient Britons or bragging Yeomen
But on such cowards great slaughter made.