Tagh and Astna

(Does anyone know what the title means?)

It was in the troublous '98 when Erin's agonies were very great
When many brave men met their fate as did brave Tagh an Astna.
From Clonakilty's ancient town came forth the minions of the crown,
To glut their ire by hunting down the fearless Tagh an Astna.

He was a rebel brave and bold,of agile step and giant mold,
At manly feats no man could hold his own with Tagh an Astna.
But manly feats will not avail when leaden bullets fall like hair
As they did at Shonnovale that day round Tagh an Astna.

Brave Astna and his little band fought bravely for poor motherland
But one to ten could never stand though led by Tagh an Astna.
Where Arigideen's waters flow through Shannonvale he was laid low
But many knaves got their death blow that day from Tagh an Astna.

Now in this fight of latter years when voice or pen the sword's part plays
'Tis mine the task to sing the praise of men like Tagh an Astna.
May Erin's sons from sea to sea, tonight truly united be
To fight, if need be, her to free as did brave Tagh an Astna.