Taking an Evening's Walk

As I was taking my evening's walk
I met a fair maid who began to talk;
O the question I asked her are you going home?
I think it's a pity you should walk alone."

I asked her to come to some alehouse just by;
And the answer she made me, "No sir, not I."
I said if you'll go with me I will not long stay,
We'll both drink together and then come away."

"Do you think I'm a fool sir or a natural quite? (?)
And who were you with at the alehouse last night?"
I said "If you're offended at nothing at all
Go back where you came from for your love is too small."

"I can turn myself in,I can turn myself out,
And coming to see you I don't care about;
So it's give me my freedom and I will be gone,
So I wish you goodnight love and a pleasant walk home.