The Tan Yard Side

I am a rambling hero and by love I am betrayed,
Near to the town of Baltinglass there dwells a comely maid;
She's fairer than Diana bright, she's free from earthly pride
She's a lovely maid, her dwelling place lies near the Tan Yard Side.

I stood in meditation, I viewed her o'er and o'er,
I thought she was Aurora bright descending down so low;
"No, no, kind sir, I'm a country girl", she modestly replied,
"I labour daily for my bread, down by the tanyard side."

For twelve long months we courted toll at last we did agf=ree
For to acquaint her parents, and married we would be;
Till at last her cruel father,to me he proved unkind,
Which makes me sail across the sea and leave my love behind.

Farewell my aged parent and to you I bid adieu!
I'm crossing the main ocean, dear,all for the love of you;
But if ever I return again will make you my bride,
And I'll roll you in my arms again, down by the tan yard side.

Tune: Down by the Liffyside. Of course this was the progenitor of Down by the Liffyside, but the latter seems to be better known.