That Lighterman of Mine

Oh I went down to Sand Quay to see my lighterman,
On a barge I saw him standing with the tiller in his hand;
Down the river he came gliding with the others in a line
But there's none that sails the river like that lighterman of mine.

He has shoulder broad and he wears a gansey blue,
And his glassy peak-cap shining hides two lovely eyes of blue.
From the barge he stepped down lightly, as I felt his kiss divine
I could smell the Lagan breezes from that lighterman of mine.

"Oh dear child you're looking poorly, your cheeks are pale and wan",
As he spoke he pressed me closer, did my lovely lighterman;
"That old mill is close and fusty and your eyes no longer shine,
Will you marry me, dear Nancy?" said that lighterman of mine.

"Up and down old Lagan River both together we will glide,
By old woods and sunny spaces,oh my lovely Lagan bride;
And your pale wan cheeks will bloom again, your sunken eyes will shine",
Oh, I listened as in dreaming to that lighterman of mine.

But the years keep ever rolling as Lagan waters flow,
And our young days have departed,like its waves of long ago,
One by one grey hairs come peeping and our eyes no longer shine,
But no change our love can alter,says that lighterman of mine.

Hugh Quinn