Thomas Walsh

Attend you feeling Christians to what I will relate,
As I'm locked up in a dismal cell,my sorrows they are great;
On the fourteenth day of April I am condemned to die,
All for a cruel murder, and the deed I can't deny.

Willful murder can't be hid, it is useless for to say;
My daughter swore against me upon my trial day;
The jury found me guilty and the judge he did reply,
"Prepare to go before your Lord! You are condemned to die!"

Then when I got my sentence, I got a dreadful shock,
My limbs began to tremble as I stood in the dock,
If I had the wealth of Damer, for my life I'd give it all;
But now grim death awaits me, till the hangman lets me fall.

Pat Connolly being at dinner, I must admit and own
When he was at his grandson's house, he thought he was at home,
But he was much mistaken, for I led him astray,
To gain his little property, I took his life away.

It was a cruel murder, the truth I now must own,
'Twas Satan sorely tempted me when we were both alone,
Then with a heavy hatchet, I gave Connolly a fall,
And I cut him up in slices which appeared the worst of all.

Now to conclude and finish my melancholy theme,
For the murder of Pat Connolly I die a public shame,
In the sixty-fifth year of my age, upon the gallows tree;
I hope in God for mercy; good Christians for me pray.