To the River Lagan

River Lagan, ever flowing, flowing ever to the sea,
With barges ever coming, going tixt
Lough Neagh and old Sand Quay
My lighterman,oh where is he?

River Lagan ever moaning when the wind blows from the sea,
And the big ships struggle groaning
From their cables to be free,
Say,oh say, where can he be?

River Lagan doest remember when he left me for the sea?
On a night of wild December
Weeping on the Belfast Quay,
Will he ne'er come back tome?

River Lagan thou art older, older far, I know, than me,
Thy hast borne on they broad shoulders
Lightermen as blithe as he,
Had they sweethearts, too like me?

River Lagan thou art older, older far, I know, than me,
Have thy waves,like blood, grown colder?
Art thou tired to questioned be
Thus by lovers, sad like me?

River Lagan, ever flowing from Queen's bridge I gaze on thee,
And young people coming, going,
Pass with thoughtless laughs and free,
Not yet do they question thee.

River Lagan,night and morning, flow thy waves into the sea,
As their years pass unreturning
They will come to question thee,
And no answer there shall be.

Hugh Quinn