Tom Dolan's Attempt to Get Married

(It seems to me that the tune to The Cobbler would go very well with this- NMacD)

My name it is simple, Tom Dolan I live in a place they call Loon,
I own half the fields in Gazebo and a big slice of mountain in Coob,
With my six cows and calves in Mayhora and my haggard full stocked with new hay
I don't think the world too unhappy, I sing as I work all the day.

My house is built with good mortar, the tatched rook keeps out all the rain
The cupboard was never yet empty, the rooms are full furnished though plain;
I felt it would make my life happy if I a good comrade could take,
A wife who would love me and mind me and leave friends and home for my sake.

In search of a wife I went traveling, myself and a friend Jimmy Breen,
We tried every house in the county, from Clashduff around to Gurteen;
Then over the hills to Firoda, around the Killtown shortcut
We went on this interesting journey and landed at last up in Grutt(?).

We made for the house of a farmer whose daughter was everywhere known
For making good butter and holding a pretty good purse of her own;
There entered a comely young maiden whom neither of us had ever seen,
And she sat by the fire with assurance as though of the house she was queen.

Her father to us was a stranger, except by local repute,
In dealing with cattle and suchlike he was thought exceedingly cute.
Jim Breen without hesitation saluted with friendly goodnight,
And he asked the old man in the corner how much did he think would be right.

He asked for the hand of the lady to make her Tom Dolan's fond wife
And make his mind happy and easy the rest of his natural life.
Oh my! What a change in the scenery! The room became suddenly hot,
The old man had Breen by the collar and out of the door like a shot.

To me he then turned and I trying to get out of that with my life,
And he roared with a voice full of fury, "How dare you insult my young wife".
My soul, 'twas the wrong house we entered, that girl had been two months his wife;
I got such a shock from matchmaking I swore I'd be single all my life.