The Trip Over the Mountain

One night when the moon had illumined the sky
When first I took a notion to marry
I put on my hat and away I did hie,
You might think I was in a hurry.
Till I came to a spot where I often had been
My heart gave a leap when my darling was seen
I opened the door and I bid her good night
And I said will you come over the mountain?

Oh what sort of fit has got into your head?
I'm glad for to see you so merry;
It's now twelve o'clock when you should be in bed,
Speak low or you'll waken my Mammy!
Well if I am jesting, my jesting is true,
I have courted twelve months, faith I think it will do
And before that I sleep I'll be married to you
If you'll come with me over the mountain.

If I was to make an elopement with you
It might be attended with danger;
The country would censure and tattle us too
My friend would be all in a wonder!
Well, just let them censure and tattle away
Consult with yourself for it's very near day
And I don't give a damn what the whole of them say
If I once had you over the mountain.

But I am resolved at home for to stay,
I think it more fitting and better.
Then fare-thee-well darling I must be away
So that puts an end to the matter.
Oh, stop, stop a moment till I get my shoes,
My heart gave a leap when I heard the glad news,
She ran to the door saying I hope you'll excuse
My simplicity over the mountain.

By this time the moon had sunk in the west
And the morning star bright was shining.
We both made our journey with the greatest of haste
Till we came to the alter of highness.
The clergy came there without any delay,
He married us both on that very same day,
And it's often we chat when we've little to say
Of the trip we took over the mountain.