Twenty One

At 21 I first began to court a neighbour's child,
We both being young and full of fun, bright Venus on us smiled;
We courted away the livelong day, like angels did agree,
Full well I knew she would prove true and constant unto me.

At 22 no man could view the beauty she possessed.
Her yellow hair in ringlets fair hung down her snow white breast;
The picture of her two blue eyes my pencil could not tell,
Her effigy no man could draw or paint her parallel.

At 23 she slighted me for the sake of another boy,
So jealousy got up in me, this young man to destroy;
I fixed a plan for this young man as plainly you may see,
Without sword or gun I made him run and shun her company.

On Claudy Hill I leave my quill to pen the naked truth,
My mind is bent on rambling, for I'm a sporting youth;
The ground whereon my true love stands is strewed with rosemary,
Small birds in June my change their tune, so farewell gramachree. (1)

(1). Grádh mo chroí - love of my heart.