Willy Reilly and Polly Kiely

Bright good morning Willy Reilly, how do you do, how do you do?
Much the better, Polly Kiely, of seeing you, of seeing you.
Now what brought you Willy Reilly here in view, here in view?
'Twas the pleasure Polly Kiely of meeting you, of meeting you.

Tell me plainly Willy Reilly, are you true, speaking true?
Never doubt me Polly Kiely telling you what I tell you.
What's to follow Willie Reilly, trusting you, trusting you?
Hand and true heart, Polly Kiely here for you, here for you.

You have sweethearts, Willie Reilly, not a few, not a few.
I will leave them Polly Kiely, all for you, all for you.
You'll be sorry Willie Reilly if you do, if you do.
Never, never, Polly Kiely while I've you, while I've you.

What shall I do Willy Reilly, hearing you, hearing you?
I will tell you Polly Kiely what to do, what to do.
We'll get married Polly Kiely, me and you, me and you,
Off tomorrow Polly Kiely and get married - that we'll do.

(IFS VolXVII p. 16)