Before he could go, from head to toe
He had to assume a disguise
And his friends did say that the very best way
Was his own sex to despise
And dress as a lady and pass as Miss Grady
From Kilrush in the County Clare.
So his wife got the razor and in order to please her
He allowed her to shave every hair.

Then a lady's wig that was not too big
She then glued on his pole,
The truth to tell it f itted well
And was as black as a coal,
With his big paws he rubbed his jaws
With a bottle of crimson ink
And for a bottle of scent his Mrs. went
For fear the brute would stink.

The chimese he wore was made of gore
And was as white as milk,
His splendid stays would you amaze
The red is all the go,
A petticoat red went over his head
And tied on him with tapes,
Another all white would dazzle your sight
With such fantastic shapes

As were wrought on its tail, I would go bail
That it was bought in France
For some lady gay in Kingstown or Bray,
To sport at a ball or a dance,
His drawers were cotten but were nearly rotten
For he tore when he pulled them on,
And Kate Devine bought his crinoline
For ninepence in the pawn.

But travel the globe and his princess robe
Banged all was ever seen,
It was made with a train by Jemina Kane
Who made one for the queen;
With his turban hat he cut it fat
When he put on his veil
His wife did say he looked quite gay
But that he should wag his tail.

His wife was dressed in a suit of the best
And a moustache on her upper lip
And a stick in her hand like any man
As he walked at her hip, S
he winked at him and linked with him
And called him her Susannah,
As they walked away along the quay
And she smoking a mild Havannah.