Come all ye rakish young men, a warning take from me
Quit your gallivanting and shun bad company,
I lived an happy as any man when I lived in the North
And the first of my misfortunes was to list in the Light Horse.

'Twas on a market morning, for Armagh I was bent
Till meeting with misfortune which caused me to lament,
I met with Sergeant Parsons in the street as I went down
And he said "Young man, would you enlist to be a Light Dragoon?"

"Oh, no, kind sir, excuse me, for a soldier I won't be
Nor neither will I bind myself down from my liberty,
I live as happy as a prince, my mind does tell me so,
So, fare you well, I'm bound for home my shuttle for to throw."

"And I am in a hurry, my dwelling lies afar
My humble habitation lies six miles from Armagh,
Charlie Egan is my name, from Carlow Town I came
And I ne'er intend to do a crime that will deny my name."

He said "My cousin Charlie perhaps you might do worse
Than leave your friends and parents and enlist in the Light Horse,"
It was by his kind persuasions with him I did agree,
I left behind my comrade boys, likewise my liberty.

Farewell to home and father, your face I ne'er will see,
Likewise my loving mother that reared me tenderly,
As I was going through Tullamore these thoughts ran in my mind,
So fare thee well sweet Carlow Town and the girl I leave behind.