Claudy is a purty place,
It lies so low with the woods all round,
And Major Brown's the Landlord's name
And he owns the town of Claudy.

It's when you go to Claudy Fair,
It is some nice girls you will see there,
Some nice girls with curly hair,
But they're not the girls of Claudy.

We'll go to Duddy's for a drink,
For they keep it good up there I think,
They keep it good up there I think,
It's the best you'll get in Claudy.

Then we'll go down through Ballinameen,
And the police they'll come on the scene,
And they'll pretend to be our friend,
And they'll march us back to Claudy,

They'll write our names down in a book,
And they'll have us up the next Court Day,
And they'll fine us in a pound or two,
For getting drunk at Claudy.