The Constant Cailín Ruadh

Through Limerick Town of high renown a traveler passed along
He heard a maid complaining thus in lone and mirthless song
Saying Donal won't you come again, back to Erin's shores the view
Your Garryowen you loved so well and your own poor Cailín Ruadh.

Oh, think of the day our flag was raised in defiance on yonder wall
How happy were we you and I till we heard the bugle call
Happy each day that passed away until we bid adieu
Forever more to Erin's shore, and your lonely Cailín Ruadh.

And now they tell how in Flander's plain you've won a bloodstained name
And how you charged with the old brigade when the bullets fell like rain
And you were brave in Limerick's breach, the day I stood by you
That day you stood mid smoke and blood by the side of your Cailín Ruadh.

Mo bhrón you've left me here to mourn for you and my country's cause
For a treaty made to smashed e'er you had heard your new King's battle call,
Old friends may come and go again, but none will come like you,
To guard with pride and love and strength your hapless Cailín Ruadh.

When the traveller heard this mournful strain it pierced his inmost core
He knew the lass he had loved so well so many years before
He dashed aside the bushes there, and when she came in view
He clasped her fondly to his breast, his darling Cailín Ruadh.

Joyce No. 12, p9.