When first this young man he courted me
I had no doubts but that he loved me,
'Twas his false heart and flattering tongue
That beguiled me oh! when I was young!

It was on a green bank we both sat down
There was no one near but the small birds round,
They changed their notes most melodiously
As the sun arose on you green valley.

It was on a book he caused me to swear
When you read these few lines you'll find it there,
Saying, "While you're living no man you'll take,
And when you're dead love, none for your sake."

For a month or better my love proved kind,
In a short time after he changed his mind,
Saying, "My parents' wishes I must obey,
So farewell, darling, I'm going away."

I held him fast, would not let him go,
Saying. "Johnnie, Johnnie, you're mine you know,
Fulfill the vows that you made to me,
As the sun arose o'er yon green valley."

I'll sing one verse, and I'll sing no more,
And I'll praise the young man that I adore,
I'll change my mind like the wandering mind,
And I'll dote no more upon false mankind.

What makes me think of his yellow hair,
His rosy cheeks were beyond compare,
His two blue eyes and his flattering tongue
That beguiled me oh! when I was young!