0 when that I saw my love in the church stand
With the glove pulling off and the ring on her hand
I jumped in between them and kissed the false bride
Saying, "Adieu to false lovers for ever."

0 when that I saw my love from the church go
Then I followed after with my heart full of woe
With her bridesmaids and bridegroom she made a fine show
Although she was tied to another.

0 when that I saw my love sit own to meat
I sat down betide her but nothing could eat,
I thought her sweet company better than wine
Though now she is gone to another.

So dig me a grave that is long, wide and deep,
And cover it over with flowers so sweet,
That I may lie down and take my long sleep
And adieu to my false love for ever.

A very common song but this is a nice variant.