Of all the Felons in the land the greatest one am I,
My figure has been well described in every hue and cry,
The forces of the Crown have tried each remedy and plan,
To capture me; I'm still at large, the famous Lynchehaun.

I'm Lynchehaun, I'm Lynchehaun, I'm James, the very man.
I'm Lynchehaun, I'm Lyachehaun, and catch me if you can!
Those gallant heroes know me not, though since the chase began
The people know where'ere I go that I am Lynchehaun.

Some years ago down in Mayo we had a chase before,
They caught me after months of toil on Achill's rugged shore,
Six hundred warriors on my track, for 12 long months I ran,
And on barren ground at last they found the famous Lynchehaun.

Though Connaught's wild each man and child will to the outlaw cling
And in my cosy corner there I'm as happy as a king,
And though they're poor, no bribe can lure the Connaught maid or man,
For english pay they'll never betray the famous Lynchehaun.