In early life when I was young I loved a maiden dearly,
She had a sweet and oily tongue that won my heart sincerely;
I really thought none could be found in Erin dear to match her
And not in this whole world around a nymph like Fanny Fletcher.

My love she used to go to spree, she'd court with all before her,
And a glass down, she'd freely swing, but still I did adore her;
one evening I went to meet my love a small drop I did fetch her,
And 'tis soon you'll hear the treatment, dear I got from Fanny Fletcher.

Her mistress she being fast asleep, the doors being locked and bolted
Soft to her window I did creep and it is there I halted;
Some sand I threw against the glass, "Is that my true love, Micky?"
Your vision makes my heart full glad!" But the villain she was tricky.

She said, "I'll throw you down a rope" That Old Nick he may take her,
"And then I'll pull you up again." The rascal Fanny Fletcher.
So I tied it round me like a fool, my heart with joy was singing,
And four feet from the window stool the villain left me swinging,

'Twas there I danced without a tune and dearly paid the piper,
With none to speak to but the moon, the devil he may swipe her!
Till early by the break of day by chance there came a thatcher
Who with his ladder freed me from the power of Fanny Fletcher.,

So now I'm down and free once more and out of death and danger
And I never will go court again with any lovely stranger.
And now young men a warning take and don't like me be sorry,
For if women were selling a penny a dozen there isn't one I'd marry!