I am a young and laughing Girl just turned sixteen,
As full of mischief and of fun as ever you have seen,
But when I am a woman grown, no city man for me
If ever I am married a farmer's wife I'll be.

The country woods and flowery fields make music sweet for me,
So if ever I am married a farmer's wife I'll be.

I love to feed the chickens and I love to milk the cows,
I love to hear the farmer's boy a-whistling at his plough,
I love to see the orchards where the golden apples grow,
I love to rove in meadows where the silver streamlets flow.

Let other girls who love it best enjoy the smoky town,
The dusty street and dusty walks to ramble up and down,
But I prefer the simple life, the dance and Ceilidhe Hall,
The cattle coming from the Fair, I love them best of all.