It was on a Whitsun Sunday, the 24th of May
When all the brave United men to chapel they did stray,
But the doors they were all bolted and the clergy took a fright
And lay safe under cover until the dark of night.

But we are the boys to dare them, we will shiver them and scare them,
It's little we regard them we are Fr. Murphy's men.

Fr. Murphy he commanded us, and this to us did say:
Get ready now my brave boys, to-morrow is the day
That we shall enter Wexford with courage stout and bold,
By Luther's seed or Calvin's breed we ne'er will be controlled.

When we began this business boys we were but very weak,
We entered on the Primroses (?) just as the day did break,
When we began the business boys we'd but 100 men,
When eighteen hundred attacked us in Tipperary Glen.