First I loved Thomas
And then I loved John,
And then I loved William
He's a clever young man;
With his white cotton stockings,
And his low ankle shoes;
And wears a blue jacket
Wherever he goes.

Here's fiddling and singing
It is all a delight;
In keeping such company
It has ruined me quite,
It has ruined me quite, my love,
And a great many more,
If I hadn't kept such company
I should never have been poor.

So take this yellow handkerchief
In remembrance of me,
And wear it round your neck, my love,
In some strange company;
And wipe away those briny tears
And do not look so sad,
For there's many a young French girl
Otherways to be had.

The rocks shall run to water
And the sea shall run dry
If ever I prove false, my love,
Till the day that I die;
In the middle of the ocean
There shall grow a myrtle tree
If ever I prove false, my love,
to the girl that loves me.