Young maids draw near I'll tell you here the news that makes me sad,
He sailed away the other day my own true Irish lad,
My heart does break all for or his sake and the tears like rain do fall,
But why did he part and break the heart of his Girl from Donegal.

He was tall and strong could whistle a song would delight your heart to hear,
His eyes were bright, his steps were light and his voice was sweet and clear,
He could handle a spade or court a maid the fairest of them all,
But he was unkind to leave behind his Girl from donegal.

The weather was bad my love was sad that's why be sailed away,
To a distant place far o'er the foam, in a foreign land to stay;
He would rather have toiled on his native soil, but his wages were too small,
That's why he did part and break the heart of his Girl from Donegal.

I wanted him to stay with me, but see how he sailed away,
He left me here to pine and fear until he returns again;
But If this time he doesn't hurry he needn't return at all,
For why did be part and break the heart of his girl from Donegal.