You lovers all attention pay and the truth I will lay down,
I courted a fair maiden and she lived in Dunmore towns
She was lovely fair and handsome in every high degree,
Her eyes they shone like diamonds and her teeth like ivory.

I being a farmer's only son my age being twenty-one,
She was as fair a maiden as ever the sun shone on,
But I had riches plenty, she was of low degree
Which made my parents slight my love and prove my destiny.

They sent me to America, my fortune there to try,
I sailed on board of the Enmond line that on the sea does ply,
But fortune proved unkind to me and a plank brought me to shore
Still in hopes to meet this charming maid that I left in Dunmore.

When I arrived in Columbia no friends there could I find,
And thoughts of this comely maid were running through my mind,
Three days I spent in hardships great, the truth I will make known
Still thinking of my cruel friends and the girl I left at home.

It being early one morning just at the break of day
A lady fair came up to me and these words to me did say:
"Now lovely youth tell me the truth and the cause of your misery,
Are you from heaven fallen, or what's you country?"

I am an Irishman" I said, "The truth I will lay down,
I courted a fair maiden and she lived near Dunmore town,
For the courting of this fair maid they sent me far away,
I got shipwrecked on the Enmond line that now lies in the sea."

This girl fell in love with me as the tears fell from her eyes,
"Come tell to me are you married to that girl you left behind?
For I have gold at my command and my riches they are great
If you join with me in wedlock's bands you'll be lord of my estate."

"To wed with you, dear lady, that's a thing I cannot do,
As I'm already promised and bound by an oath that's true,
Unto another fair maid and the truth I will explain
There is not another on this earth shall ever my favour gain."

This lady flew in deep despair and this to me did say:
"Here is one hundred pounds in gold to take you over the sea,
For love I find is better than gold or any earthly store,
May the angels bright bring you home this night once more to old Dunmore.

Mary Nora Jordon, Gurtnagine, Dunmore, Co. Galway.