Meeting is a pleasure between my love and I,
It's down by yonder valley I will meet her bye and bye.
It's down in yonder valley I'll meet my heart's delight,
And I'll stop with lovely Molly until the fall of night.

I pulled out a small bottle and I placed it in her hand
Saying "Drink a health, dear Molly, while the bottle it does stand,
Saying" Drink a health, dear Molly, let the bottom lie to me
And I'll lay a guinea between us that married we ne'er shall be."

For I can plough the short ridge, and I can plough the long,
And I can court the old ones till the young ones come along,
I can pass them slyly as they have passed by me
And the girl that thinks I'll marry her, disappointed she will be.

Whenever you meet a pretty little girl with a dark and rolling eye
Kiss her and embrace her and tell her the reason why,
Kiss her and embrace her till you cause her heart to yield,
For a faint-hearted soldier never won a field.

Going to Mass last Sunday my true love passed me by,
I knew her mind was altered by the rolling of her eye,
I knew her mind was altered to a youth of high degree
For when she got the new sweetheart she thought no more of me.

But the willow it will wither in a little frost and snow,
And when the hail is falling the laurel green will grow,
Though America lies far away it's a land. I'll go and see,
And that he may be crying forever that parted my love and me.