The Shooting of Lord Leitrim

'Twas in the month of April eighteen hundred and seventy-eight,
The morning of the second day, right well I mind the date;
When the great Earl of Leitrim, the tyrant of the day
Left his home at Monavaughan on the banks of Mulroy Bay.

The tyrant he gave orders before he went away
That evictions should be forced at once, without any more delay,
His bailiffs they should get to work as you might understand
To banish us poor Catholics from our dear native land.

The morning it being calm and clear the birds did sweetly sing,
Among the woods and heath clad hills, they made the valley's ring,
As Leitrim and his party were driving at full trot
On entering into Crathlagh wood they received a dsreadful shot.

The driver, Charles Buchanan, a boy from Milford town
Was thrown right off the dicky and left sprawling on the ground,
May the Lord have mercy on his soul, poor boy he suffered sore,
Till death did end his suffering on the banks of Mulroy shore.

The tyrant's clerk, Jim Meegan, a young man tall and stout
An inch of lead he did receive, which made him wheel about,
He called aloud unto Kincaid, a hireling under pay,
"I'm shot, I'm shot, dear Willie, on the banks of Mulroy Bay."

The cruel exterminator, the vile lord of the estate,
He did receive more slugs of lead which were hard to masticate!
His lifeless corpse lay on the road, I hear the people say,
And no one came to mourn for him on the banks of Mulroy Bay.